Mini Mechanical Faults

Mini produces some of the most reliable cars on the market, but when mechanical faults do occur they can cost far too much to repair – sometimes exceeding the resale value of the car itself.

Here are some of the most expensive faults:

Gearbox problems

Minis with a pre-2004 registration are known to suffer from gearbox problems. But Minis bought around this time will be out of warranty, so if a transmission problem does occur, it’s often cheaper to replace the car entirely than it is to fix the problem.

Since you can’t simply repair the broken component, the entire transmission will need to be replaced – often at a cost that exceeds the value of the car itself.

Head gasket problems

Faulty thermostats which jam closed and fail to release coolant into the radiator can lead to a blown head gasket, where a break develops between the cylinder and the coolant opening. Once a gasket is blown, gasses can leak between cylinders.

Left untreated, the head gasket could further damage the engine, but since the gasket is so difficult to get to inside the engine, the cost of replacement can be extremely expensive.
DPF problem

Mini owners often report trouble after noticing the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) error message pop up.
The DPF works to remove soot and particulate matter from the exhaust gas, but it can become blocked over time. DPF units are difficult to clean, which means that they’re usually very expensive to replace.

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