Lexus put a lot of effort into creating reliable cars – so much so that they regularly top the car reliability ratings.

They might be very dependable, but when a problem does occur it’s often very expensive to fix. Here are some of the most costly Lexus mechanical faults we come across here Sell Your Problem Car ®:

Diesel particulate filter issues

Many diesel engines regularly suffer problems with the Diesel Particulate Filter, which is responsible for removing the soot and particulate matter which can build up inside the exhaust system.

If the DPF becomes blocked it can become damaged and the repairs will be expensive, with a new DPF costing upwards of £1000.

Transmission trouble

There are a number of Lexus models which are known for encountering gearbox problems, with the 4-wheel-drive Lexus RX300 gearbox being particularly unreliable.

But transmissions are the most complicated pieces of machinery in your car, and their complexity means that many faults are difficult to get to without taking the transmission apart completely.

Sell your damaged Lexus

If you find yourself out of warranty, and if the cost of repair outweighs the cost of the car itself, give Sell Your Problem Car ® a call.
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