Honda Mechanical Faults

Japanese carmaker Honda produce some of the most reliable cars on UK roads – but that doesn’t mean that repairs will be cheap if something does go wrong.

Here are some of the most common and expensive Honda mechanical faults we come across here at Sell Your Problem Car ®:

Fuel pump problems

The fuel pump is responsible for pumping the fuel from the fuel tank to injection system, and a failure of your Honda’s fuel pump will have a major impact on the drive performance of your car.

Fuel pump problems are frequent in Hondas, and those models fitted with the 2.2 CTDI engine (the Honda Accord, Honda CRV and Honda Civic) are particularly at risk.

Rear axle issues

Whether it’s because the rear differential oil hasn’t been replaced, or whether the bearing itself has failed, issues with the rear axle are extremely costly.

Whirring and whining sounds at road speeds and vibrations and clunking noises are normally the first signs that something may be wrong with the rear axle. Over time, the noises and vibrations will only get worse.

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