Here are just some of the most common Infiniti mechanical problems we’ve come across here at Sell Your Problem Car ®:

Fuel hose problems

The 2003 Infiniti G35 was recalled because the fuel hoses were prone to cracking, and if a cracked fuel hose doesn’t receive immediate attention, fuel can leak and the car may have trouble delivering fuel to the engine. This could cause the car to not start.

Circuit boards

Infiniti G35 models were also recalled for problems owing to a faulty circuit board. The board may fail to operate and the car can lose power while in motion, greatly increasing the chance of an accident.

Engine cooling system

Your Infiniti’s cooling system is vital for keeping your engine at a safe and operational temperature, but if it develops a problem, coolant can leak into your fuel and oil and the head gasket may crack. The resulting engine damage could be extremely costly.
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