Alfa Romeo

They look great, they’re sporty and they offer an excellent driving experience, but Alfa Romeos have been plagued with reliability issues for years.

And they haven’t gotten any better.

Let’s look at some of the most common Alfa Romeo mechanical faults we come across here at Sell Your Problem Car ®.

Timing belt problems

This is especially common older slightly older Alfas. If the timing belt becomes worn, snaps or stretches, it can have serious consequences on the rest of the engine.

The moving components fall out of sync with each other and the engine’s timing it lost – and if the pistons come into contact with the valves it can destroy the engine entirely.

And replacement engines aren’t cheap. In fact, they usually exceed the cost of the car itself, so it’s usually a better, more cost-effective decision to sell your damaged Alfa and put the cash towards the cost of a new car.

Power steering column failure

Steering failure is another common Alfa problem. The steering becomes very heavy, either all the time or intermittently, and if the problem isn’t looked at straightaway, it can ruin the entire steering column.

There are temporary fixes, but they’re just that: temporary. And if you’re looking for a long term solution you’ll have to replace the entire column, which can set you back several hundreds of pounds.

Sell your problem Alfa Romeo

So if your Alfa’s suffered one of the above common mechanical faults you might have found yourself in a difficult situation.

But here at Sell Your Problem Car ® we can help you get out of it. We’ll give you the cash you need to get back on the roads as quickly as possible. We’ll cover any garage repair bills and outstanding finance and collect your car with 48 hours of your initial inquiry.

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