FAQs about selling your car for cash with SellYourProblemCar.com ®

I own a business – do you buy company cars?

Very often, UK businesses need to sell their company cars to quickly release capital. Selling your cars at auction brings with it a number of expensive costs, with no guarantee of a final sale. We buy your company cars easily and efficiently with an immediate cleared funds payment with no hidden costs.

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Will you collect my car – and will collection cost extra?

As part of our service, we’re able to collect your car from anywhere in Mainland UK within 48 hours, absolutely free of charge. You’re able to choose the most convenient location for your car to be collected, whether at your place of work, at home or elsewhere.

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How will I get paid?

The fastest, most secure and hassle free way to pay is through an electronic transfer from our account direct to yours. With no charge for this service, we make the transfer while our driver is at your collection address. If you would prefer to receive a cheque, we are also able to provide this for you.

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Can I sell my car if I still have an outstanding finance agreement?

As part of the purchase we settle your outstanding finance, and if you car is worth more than you owe, we’re able to pay the balance into your account at the time of collection. If you owe more on finance than the offer price of your vehicle, you can pay us the balance on collection using a debit or credit card. Completing the sale of your car and settlement of finance, we will pay the finance company in full with one simple transaction.

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I don't have all the documents - can you still buy my car?

Here at SellYourProblemCar we’re often able to assist you in tracing your registration documents.

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