With high-performance sports cars, powerful 4x4s and city cars, Mitsubishi have a huge range of vehicles that are popular around the world.

But over time, some models are prone to suffering mechanical faults. Let’s take a look at some of the most common.

Turbo issues

If oil changes aren’t performed regularly or if foreign material enters into the exhaust or air-filtration systems, your Mitsubishi’s turbo can fail – and if the problem isn’t diagnosed early, it might be necessary to replace the entire turbocharger.

Failing fuel pump

Fuel pump problems are amongst the most common reasons for a non-starting car – and they can occur at any time.

You’ll notice a huge impact on the drive performance of your Mitsubishi if your fuel pump fails, and because they’re responsible for pumping the fuel from the tank to the injection system, they’ll affect a number of other engine components.

Oil pump problems

A failed oil pump can have disastrous consequences on the health of an engine. Their purpose is to circulate the engine oil, which lubricates and helps to cool the engine. Their failure can cause a number of serious consequences, and can even destroy an engine.

The Mitsubishi Evo is particularly prone to suffering oil pump and low oil pressure related problems.

Sell your damaged Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi mechanical faults can be extremely costly to fix. So if you’re facing expensive garage repair bills, a complete lack of buyer interest and a period of being stuck without a serviceable car, you can always give Sell Your Problem Car ® a call.

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