Mazda are known for their range of stylish and unconventional cars, and while they’re mostly reliable, they have been known to suffer from certain mechanical faults.

Some of the most common Mazda mechanical faults we come across at Sell Your Problem Car ® include…

Diesel engine problems

If they’re not carefully maintained, Mazda diesel engines can be quite unreliable. These engines seem to suffer from premature failure, and if they’re not regularly or well services, they can very easily become damaged.

The diesel engines produce a lot of sooty gasses, and these can make their way into the engine’s induction system and degrade the oil. And if the engine runs for long enough without an oil change the sooty excess can form a ‘sludge’ which blocks the oil ways and causes a drop in oil pressure.

This is especially common in Mazda 5 and 6 engines, which respond very negatively to the build-up of soot, and they’re very expensive to replace.

What’s worse is that second-hand replacement engines are becoming harder and harder to find, so if you have suffered this common Mazda mechanical fault, is more cost-effective to sell your car than it is to pay for the fix.

Rotary engine problems

The rotary engine in the Mazda RX8 also has its own set of problems, and after 80,000 miles it tends to lose compression.

Sealing the problem requires special tools and a good deal of time, so repairs can be pretty costly.

Sell your broken Mazda

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